Masters Youth Club: About Us
About Us
Masters Youth Club is located in North West London. It comprises of over 200 members from all age groups, playing a variety of sports namely Badminton, Volleyball, Football and Aerobics.
The Club was formed by our four pioneering members: Naran Raghwani, Ratilal Vekaria, Harish Naran and Pravin Hirani. The inspiration was to rejuvenate games such as Badminton and Volleyball which were relished and very popular in their childhood and were eager to continue them here in UK. In 1989 these four mentioned individuals started playing Badminton at Harrow Leisure Centre every Fridays for two years. What they did not realise was that they were forming the roots of Masters Youth Club.
Slowly they invited eight more friends and more badminton courts were booked. This enjoyment of sport started to stabilise with more friends wanting to participate and this eventually shaped a surprisingly and healthy situation. Unfortunately resources were not sufficient to accommodate. A meeting was held, in discussion a committee was appointed, the club’s documents were registered and sent to relevant authorities and the outcome was inevitable and could be seen in the emerging horizon. On 18th November 1991 Masters Youth Club was born.
The club from then has not looked back and is growing from strength to strength. Its first Annual General Meeting was held in January 1993 and is now an important date in all members calendars each year.
Over the years Masters have always greatly appreciated and have held high respect and thanks for contributions from their supportive well wishers, with Kings Kitchen being its first official sponsors. The club is also indebted to our current official sponsors Elec-Mec from 1997. Masters also owes special thanks to all the other supporters, who generously provide much needed contributions to help with the running of this popular club, without whom the success of Masters would be limited.
Masters Youth Club organises many social activities and has trips within the UK, Europe and many others. We hold annual Dinner & Dances where we also present trophies of internal tournaments and competitions. Fun days along with BBQ’s in the summers are always taken advantage of.
In late 2001 the club celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a big party held at the clubs original sports and leisure club. A momentous occasion for all the club members and supporters and certainly an unforgettable evening. Ever since then the club prides itself in moving forward and promoting good health and well being.
At Masters Youth Club members know that sporting activities are a vital part of our lives, for our physical health and mental well being. But in parallel to this we believe that by encouraging our youngsters we hope to imbed the importance of team building, socialising and having respect for one another – the core elements to spearhead a promising future.